For most of us the thought of moving in winter doesn’t exactly seem like the ideal time – the cold months aren’t always the easiest for New Yorkers.  But to the surprise of many moving during the winter months has many advantages. 1. More availability – Since the winter is the off season for Long Island moving companies you will have much more availability when choosing pickup and delivery dates 2. Flexibility – We all run into roadblocks and moving residences is no different.  In the off season you will have much more time flexibility if you need to change a moving date with your moving company. 3. Lower more competitive rates – Cost is always a factor when considering a big move.  In the off season rates lower and companies are more open to discussing price options. 4. Custom Services and Attention – Custom services are always offered in the winter months – packaging, safety precautions etc.   With less busy dispatchers and less pressured deadlines your moving coordinator can give you more customized attention.

If you have a large move coming up you might want to consider scheduling it during the winter months. You can save money and time!  Take a look at our long island moving pages and what we can do for your winter move!

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